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Festi-Jazz 2023

The 16th edition

Summer Jazz Camp 2023

On the road to Festi-Jazz 2024

Masterclasses, Concerts, Jam-sessions

Come learn, play, practice your favorite music in a remarkable place:

Saint-Cézaire sur Siagne, authentic medieval village in Provence

Festi-Jazz 2023

Jazz creates the atmosphere

Melodies that fly away in harmony and rhythm. One summer evening, a square, a café, a chair, a bench, we sit down, we stroll, we relax. In the swinging village, people appreciate this quiet atmosphere. For the fifteenth edition of the Festi-Jazz, the Masterclass made a lot of noise on the village square and the public was still there.

The weather conditions, without a drop of rain, of course allowed all the outdoor parties to be held. No Covid this year but heat and drought, the gardeners suffer. Forty trainees registered this year for the Festi-Jazz. 8 teachers at their service. Almost 50 musicians that the Association " Saint-Cézaire Jazz Festival " has to take care of.

The whole team was there to set up the classrooms, sound system, pianos, drums, so that 6 rooms were ready to welcome the jazzwomen and jazzmen. Stress of the arrivals, the delays, the round-trips, the participants meet around the traditional Buffet offered by the Café Lions. Already, the opportunity to play presents itself with the "mobile sound system" which will accompany us throughout the week.

First notes, first exchanges, discovery for the newcomers, a habit for the old participants, some of whom have been coming for over 10 years. Explanation of the week's schedule. Lessons by instrument in the morning, ensemble rehearsals in the afternoon. The Masterclass offers courses in Piano, Guitar, Double Bass, Saxophone (woodwind), Trumpet (Brass), Singing and Drums. The number of students allows, this year, to create 5 rehearsal groups (workshops of collective practice).

Festi-Jazz 2023

The melodies fly away

Monday morning, 9:30 am:

It is the appointment for all and the effective beginning of the courses. The Association contemplates the culmination of the organization that has been necessary throughout the year for this event to be before our eyes, the details that had to be thought of, we hand over to the teachers and let the week begin.


At noon, the teachers will decide to divide the students into 5 groups for the afternoon rehearsals. It is a race against the clock. At 3pm, everyone will know who they will be working with each afternoon in preparation for the final concert on Saturday evening. Rewriting of the scores in the key of the singers, transpositions for the instruments in E or B flat, a whole lot of work done on the fly by Philippe Cocogne, our Artistic Director.

Monday evening: the first Jam is prepared on the square: participation of Xmeninacave to start the session. Quickly, some trainees take over. Formidable first evening with already a dense attendance and a discovery of Jazz for some, remaining until the end to discover the apparent simplicity of this music. All is only appearance in this music which hides its roots and its sufferings to better tell peace and joy.

Again a very busy jam with the trainees and the masters who finish the session after their rehearsal of the Wednesday concert. A lot of people on the square. We buy our T-Shirts and Mugs, souvenirs. Second day and everything is humming in this fifteenth edition. Not enough water in the fridges, concern with the door of the school which it is necessary to close. Not easy to make everyone understand.

Halfway through, the Concert des Maitres: always a great moment awaited, the decision was taken to remain on the Place for reasons of organization and the number of listeners. Returning to the "Point de Vue" will remain in our plans, but we may have to consider it for another program. The professors once again produced exceptional music that featured their own compositions and touched the audience.

On Thursday evening, the associative evening brought together the participants of the masterclass and the volunteers of the association, the hosts who welcome some of the trainees, at "BB", the Brasserie de la Fontaine which was privatized for the Festi-Jazz. the Brasserie de la Fontaine which was privatized for the Festi-Jazz. A soup with the Pistou prepared by Bernard which regaled everyone. A small sound system was available to enjoy it with music!

Friday: the spinning, it is a last moment of rehearsal before the concert. At the beginning of the afternoon, each of the 5 groups "parades" in front of the teachers in the room of Motricity: their work is going to be shown in public at the apéro-jazz at 18:30 and the stress rises. Pedestrian place, we install once again the mobile sound system and the stands of the association which prepared the anchoïade: everything is ready for a beautiful evening. It is in this friendly and relaxed atmosphere that the groups which followed one another made us spend a good moment in spite of the stress of some trainees whose it was for them the first performance on stage. This is also what the Festi-Jazz is all about.

It was a great pleasure to have the visit of Mr. Christian Zedet, mayor of Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne, who in his speech assured us of the support of the Town Hall in the future. The Festi-Jazz has become a major event of the summer season. If it should grow again, the Town Hall will be at our side: a big thank you!

The Aperitif-Jazz ended with a small jam session animated by the most "relentless" of the funky and jazzy trainees with, among others, a wild "Cantaloupe Island": time to go and find a piece to eat and we discover the village still in celebration with its terraces of restaurants full.

Saturday morning: after a last class with their teachers, the Brass Band, all blowing instruments together, accompanied by the percussions and the singers, will treat the public to the Saturday morning market on the square: a great popular success, an impromptu, joyful and festive moment.

Final concert: The participants know it, it will be the big stage on the place. Installation of the big stage with installation of the grand piano, sound system, big work of the team. Balance at 7 pm. At 21h sharp, we start. First part of the masters followed by the concert of the pupils. But surprise, the Brass Band returns and ignites the place: animated by Christophe LeLoil, nobody could remain on his chair.

All this to finish the evening a little late, midnight is passed, timing a little stressful, authorization until one o'clock in the morning, the singing class for a last "little song". The "A l'an que ven" and the lights of the place that go out, the bars draw the curtain, everyone escapes into the night.

Festi-Jazz #15 is over. Equipment stored in bulk in the basement. The Festi-Jazz stand puts away its last T-shirts. In the dark, we wish each other a good night. Stealthy atmosphere... mission accomplished.

Festi-jazz 2022

A 15th edition has kept all its promises

Masterclasses, concerts, a festive atmosphere throughout the week for a pleasure of Jazz shared between the participants and the public!

Festi-jazz 2022

A week of Jazz

In St-Cézaire during this summer week, jazz is present from morning to night.